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Kickstarter Update

Thank you SO much to all of you who have already backed my kickstarter campaign - we are already 100% funded which is amazing after three days but you can still back our campaign and help us towards funding the new creamy off-white yarn from our lovely mixed flock of Ryeland and welsh mule sheep - having yarn processed and spun costs a huge amount and having as much help towards funding it as possible would be wonderful.

I can’t wait to post the rewards to my lovely backers and will be doing that as soon as the Kickstarter Campaign finishes.

I hope that you, like me, love to know where your yarn comes from - just like food provenance I think it’s so important for us to be connected with things that we use and hold and make. We have around thirty sheep on our little farm - I check them daily, (which often involves giving them a good head rub!) and just stopping to watch the flock - standing at the gate and seeing how they are interacting is a really valuable welfare tool. Then there are the intermittent jobs - foot trimming, dosing them, preventing and watching for flystrike, making sure they have extra rations in the winter (they live off our good Welsh grassland all year round), and in return they provide us with fantastic fleeces (which they are happy to shed by May) as well as a lot of funny moments!

Even on a small farm Like ours the daily jobs are endless whatever the weather but we are repaid by lovely friendships with our animals (as well as two goats I milk by hand , 17 hens, not to mention two Shetland ponies and three dogs) and with incredible views, get to watch hares and see Red Kites and Buzzards soaring over our valley - its a more than fair exchange. However, trying to make an income from fleece isn’t easy with a lot of high up front costs and margins low. This Kickstarter will make the processing of this batch of fleece allow us to showcase the versatility of our lovingly home grown Welsh wool.

Thank you again for supporting Sheepish Woollens‘ Kickstarter campaign and if you haven’t yet taken the plunge please do click the link on the home page and look at the rewards available - there’s something for most pockets.

Best wishes, Amy

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