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This year I plan to produce a soft grey yarn, as well as rovings for hand spinners.


I carefully choose and skirt the best fleeces, choosing for colour, texture and bounce, then send it to the mill. There are large minimum processing quantities for the mill - the cost of processing is necessarily high as the process is complex.


They weigh the raw fleece, pick over it for grass/hay etc, scour (wash), comb and card (brushing and fluffing up the fleece), and making into 100g skeins before sending them back to me.


As you can imagine, sending off the fleece to be processed is a huge leap of faith for me - I have to pay a considerable amount for the processing and believe that this yarn will be bought (and cherished)!

I’m asking for YOUR help - small scale farming in the UK is hand to mouth - we work hard to improve the land, to care for and nurture our animals and encourage wildlife to enjoy our farm. I’m proud of every sale I make - sending parcels from our corner of the Cambrian Hills from our tiny village post office feels so satisfying - but the profit margins are small.

I am expanding the range and the upfront investment for this next exciting yarn adventure is a big one for a small craft enterprise. You can support us by backing one of the backer rewards here on our Kickstarter campaign - and receive a wonderful natural product from Wales!