I spin wool from our own flock of Ryeland and Balwen sheep which we raise on our small 10 1/2 acre farm in beautiful Carmarthenshire in West Wales.


Wool is sheared from our sheep in June/July every year to cool them for the warmer summer months - it’s a relief for them to have it taken off and a delight for me to have more fibre to spin! 


I’ve always loved sheep and the countryside and have kept sheep for four years. Having moved back to my home country of Wales with my children two years ago I wanted to spend more time spinning and farming as well as foraging for blackberries, sloes and other lovely things and growing my own fruit and vegetables. 


Our sheep graze on the lush grass of our fields all year round and each one is known by name. 


As well as the sheep our farm is home to two ponies and two dairy goats (which I hand milk every day), hens, dogs and a cat. 


We are so lucky to live alongside wonderful hares, red kites, buzzards and foxes amongst others. Watching the red kites gliding effortlessly over our fields or startling a hare from the bracken just feet in front of you is always a magical experience.


The countryside of Carmarthenshire is extraordinarily beautiful - rolling hills surrounded by beautiful mountains to the north, and we are only forty minutes from the glorious coves and beaches of the west coast.


Inspired by the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside I spin only undyed fleece - I love the variety in colours that my sheep’s fleece provides. The Coloured Ryelands give me light grey to dark grey along with beige to chocolate brown and the Ryelands provide a lovely soft off white. The Balwens have a lovely rich almost black-brown fleece.


I also weave scarves using British yarn for the warp with my own hand spun yarns as the weft.


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